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Let the celebrations begin!

Fathers Day 2014


Happy Fathers Day.

Mothers Day 2014


Happy Mothers Day.

Achen's Birthday


Much of the growth of our Church needs to be attributed to our Vicar Rev. Fr. Sunny Joseph. We love our Achen!

25th Anniversary Banner Unveiling


It has been 25 years since we have been incorporated as a parish. From the humble beginings at Montclair NJ to its present state in Linden NJ. We have come a long way off. It is certainly time for celebration.

Malankara Association Member
  • George Samuel Congratulations to Mr. George Samuel for being elected the Malankara Association Representative from our parish. He will represent our Church as needed at various events/functions at the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church in India.

Sri Samagam
  • soffy The North-East American Diocose Sri Samagam Ministry has selected Mrs. Soffy Vilson as the area coordinator for New Jersey and Staten Island. Congratulations!

Father's Day 2013


The children of our congregation performed a small program on Father's day. The program ended with a photo-op and cake cutting.

Another proud moment!


At the Easter celebration organized by ECFNJ and BCMC, choir presented by our church under the leadership of Jacob received tones of appreciation which would make any one of our parishioners really proud. The professionalism in their songs that they carried through out their program was outstanding and showed the depth of talents that we have in our parish! Kudos to our Choir leader Jacob, Georgi, Shiraz, Shobha, Leena, Serena and Naomi!

TTC Workshop


The TTC training at Philadelphia was very informative. This is the third such workshops that I am attending and each time I learn something new. Also in attendance was Ringle Biju, Tanya Varghese, and Eric Ninan from our church. There will be a prize money of $50 to any one who completes TTC certification in our church. The certified teachers in our church are:

  • Shobha Jacob (2010)
  • Mathews Abraham (2009)
  • Pincy Jacob (2009)
  • Ani Ninan (2009)
  • Neethu Kuruvilla (2009)
  • Nitty Kuruvilla (2009)
  • Tiffany Varghese (2009)
  • Divya Jacob (2009)
  • Binu Samuel (2009)

If anyone is interested in completing certification this year please contact the principal. Thank you.



Easter is a Christian festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. On the third day after his crucifixion on Calvery, he was raised from the dead. Easter is followed by lent, a forty day period of fasting and prayer. The last week of the lent is called the Holy week and it includes the 'Maundy Thursday' observing the last supper as well as the 'Good Friday' observing the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

On the third day, after Jesus was buried Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and found that the stone had been rolled away from the tomb. As she stood there weeping, saw two angels. They asked her why she was weeping. She answered them and turned around and saw a man. At first she thought it as a gardener. But as the man called her 'Mary', she recognized him as Jesus. Mary was filled with joy as she understood that he was raised from the dead.

Christians believe that Jesus came back to life or was raised from the dead, three days after his crucifixion. The death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion is remembered as Good Friday, the Friday just before Easter. Through his death, burial and resurrection Jesus defeated death. He gave the humans a new hope that death is not the end of life. By his death, he saved all the humans from sins and death. We should really be thankful to him for his death and his resurrection.

- Atul

Artistic Challenge #1

Figure 1 Jesus and Mary (Click on the image to open in the browser. Should only use this source image for contest.)

The rules

  1. Convert Figure 1 to Figure 2.
  2. Use any tools at your disposal. Photoshop, Paint, etc..
  3. Last date for submitting the challenge is April 30th.
  4. Contest is open to Sunday School and MGOCSM kids only.
  5. Parents please do not help.
  6. If you have any quesions or need help please reach out to the Principal.
The prize: iPod shuffle loaded with Qurbana / Christian songs.

Figure 2Jessus and Mary

  • jacob The New Jersey Ecumenical Council elected Mr. Jacob P. Joseph as the secretary for the year 2013.

Good Friday


Good Friday is when we comemorate the crucifixtion of Jesus Christ. Christ dies for us because of our sins and he resurrected to save the mankind. The Jews and Roman soldiers tooks Jesus to Golgotha to be crucified so Jesus had to carry and be nailed to the cross as his cruel punishment. The cross was for our sins that we all committed. Simon was forced to help Jesus carry the cross. On Friday, Jesus said out loud, "Father into thy hands, I commit my spirit!" Then he gave up his spirit and sacrificed his life for us.

After resurrection, the 50 day lent comes to an end but during the 50-day lent, we pray in the morning, evening and at night time. We also have to stay away from our sins. When Jesus died on the cross, the day turned into darkness, the veil of temple was torn from top to bottom, the earth quaked and the rock split. So, people know Jesus is the real Son of God.

- Preethy

Importance of passover


Passover week is the remembrance of how much Christ loves us and how He died for us on the cross on Calvary. Palm Sunday is the beginning of passion week. Palm Sunday is the remembrance in which Jesus Christ visited the City of David, and how the people placed palm leaves on the floor where Jesus walked. On this specific Sunday the priest blesses special palm leaves and gives it to the believers in the church. Passover is the first ever Qurbana conducted by Jesus Christ with his 12 disciples.

Every Sunday at church we pass upon this spiritual event of how the bread and wine is thought to become one with Christ. The bread or (Lahomo) is thought to be the body and the blood or (dema) of Christ. After receiving this grace we become closer to God. Good Friday is the next important day that we remember. On this day we remember how God gave up his only son to forgive us for our sins.

We sing spiritual songs asking for forgiveness and mercy from our Lord. We also thank the Father for his love for us, enough to sacrifice his own sons life for us. We symbolize in the altar the entombment (kabaradaka sisrushaa) of Jesus Christ. The next day is Easter, where Jesus resurrected to new life. We all recognize the sacrifice that he had done for us. It is also when they take out the resurrected Jesus. And we change everything black to red. We should really give thanks to Him for dieing on the cross of Calvary.

- Akin

A class apart!


The NJ Ecumenical Christmas & New Year Celebrations were a blast. When all other participating churches stuck to carol singing. St. Mary's Linden actually performed a skit and a carol song. We were the best, Great job everyone!

The skit was an improvised version of what was performed on Christmas day at our church. The depiction of the birth of Jesus Christ as described by St. Matthew and St. Luke. Appropriate for the occasion. The naration was more vocal and expressive. Blessy and Steven did a great job at that. We really enjoyed the skit and the carol song. All the characters did their respective roles very well. It was a pleasure to watch.

The play was written and directed by Shobha Jacob. I would say it was one of Shobha's best performance. Great Job Shobha! Looking forward to seeing many more of these. The rest of the characters were as follows: Eric (Joseph), Lindsay (Mary), Prithi (Gabriel), Julia, Rhea, Akila, Tia (Angel), Tanya, Jason, Steven (Kings), Jonathan (inn keeper), Moses, Joshua (Shepherd), Amos, Matthew (Animals), Jonathan (John the baptist), Joshua (Jesus) Jency, Pincy (Priest), Divya (Mary Magdalene), Josh Mathai (Bartimaeus), Jency, Princy, Naomi, Rajan and Sharaz (Costume and design), Jacob (music and composition).

You all have made the congregation proud. God Bless you all!

Enjoy the pictures

H. G. Mathews Mar Barnabas - A tribute

We have known Barnabas Thirumani for a long time. Thirumani led a very simple life. He followed the practices of our faith by the book and encouraged and instructed everyone around him to do the same. He is very spiritual and because of his influence there are quite a lot of seminarians in the United States studying to become a priest. I am sure a hand full of them will also become well respected bishops in the future. Thirumani was a great role model.

Barnabas Thirumani came to our church last on the day of our concecration. We truly take pride in the fact that Thirumani accepted our invitation and initiated the concecration ceremony. Even though Thirumani was not really feeling well, we was present during the 1st day of initiation that was completed by completed by His Grace Zachariah Mar Nicolovos. On several occasions Barnabas Thirumani also performed a Baptism service at our church besides visiting us numerous time to offer Holy Communion.

Thirumani was a blessing to the Sunday School. He would edit every Sunday School text book; Grade 1 through Grade 12. He will review and modify every centralized exam question paper. Once one of our teachers set a question paper for one of the Grades and Thirumani asked detailed questions regarding where the questions were framed from. Thirumani also replaced a question because he did not feel the question was appropriate for the Grade.


Thirumani was very strict at the Alter. He would correct and reprimand alter boys who did not behave right in the holy place. On the contrary Thirumani liked kids very much, he would listen to them sing. Once a child reluctantly performed a song in front of Thirumani when he came for a special function at our church, Thirumani not only clapped and appreciated the child verbally but also blessed the child. The simple act made the child very happy.

Thirumani would also give out souvenirs when he visited churches lately. Many in our congregation have proudly laminated and displayed the signed copies of Thirumani's souvenirs. One such souvenirs that we have, proudly talks about virtues that every Christian should possess. I quote here as such.


  • Rejoice in the Lord always (Phil 4:4).
  • Make failures the stepping stones for success.
  • Be hopeful that God can bring good out of suffering.
  • Identify yourself with others and become selfless.
  • Be honest.
  • Be patient.
  • Work hard for the common good of humanity.
  • Uplift the poor.
  • Seek out the good in people and appreciate them.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs.