Why go to church?

Church has many things to offer if we go on a regular basis and they are:
  • To have a fellowship with Christ
  • To be forgiven
  • To hear the voice of God
  • To grow in the knowledge of Bible
  • To gain spiritual wisdom
  • To be loved
  • To pray and worship
  • To spread the word of God
  • To help the poor
  • To be a good Samaritan
However, most of us are very practical and think differently in today's digital age. Here are some reasons we can't ignore.
  • Happier and stronger married life
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Healthier/better behaved teens
  • Reduce stress and heart attacks
  • To live longer in good health
  • Reduce suicide in families
  • No alcohol/drug abuse in families
  • Decrease in juvenile delinquency
  • High self-esteem for teens
  • Resistance to cancer
  • Ability to cope with disaster
  • To be a better parent
  • Increased quality of social life
  • Parents spend more time with kids
  • Effective child discipline
  • Have a sense of purpose in life
Old fashioned or not, going to Church regularly and actively praying is necessary for a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

See you coming Sunday!