In the begining...

Ephesians 3:21 “Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end”. Amen.


The year was 1989; the Christian diaspora was gaining in numbers. The seed for a church was planted in the hearts and minds of a few enthusiastic orthodox Christians by Very Rev.Fr. C. M. John and the idea gained momentum among a few faithful. The momentum was soon rewarded when the metropolitan of the American dioceses His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios-now repose among the saints in heavenly abode- gave the kalpana for starting the church in New Jersey. Thus the Church of “St. Mary’s Orthodox Church of New Jersey” was formed and to date remains the only church in New Jersey dedicated to Holy Saint Mary- the mother of the Church.

The efforts of the few soon bear fruit and Sunday services were held at the Montclair, The First Congregational Church, in the basement on the auspicious day of December 24th 1989. The Holy mass was conducted uninterrupted for a period of one and half years under the vicar ship of Very Rev. Fr. C. M. John and when he left due to situational constraints, the church faced fresh challenges. The faithful were deeply tormented by factions and calamities that threatened the very existence of the church. During these times many priest of the American Dioceses helped us in our efforts to continue with the worship and the names of a few priests needs special mention; Rev. Fr. George Koshy, Rev. Fr. Zakariah and Rev. Fr. Varkey, cannot be forgotten. Their sustained efforts brought more faithful to the folds of the church and in 1993 a ray of hope arrived in the form of Rev. Fr. Jacob Philip, who was appointed as Vicar by the Metropolitan His Grace Mathews Mar Barnabas. Under the leadership of the Vicar the church received a new vigor, a spiritual uplift as members revived their old dream- a dream of owning a church to call it home.

New efforts were put into place and many fund raising activates were organized and subsequently raised a large sum of money for a new church. Rev. Fr. Jacob Philip’s sustained efforts couldn’t bear fruit when he had to return to India after serving the church for fourteen years. The church entered another period of uncertainty and lack of a leader as many priests were sought for services. We could fondly remember the special occasions when Thirumeni’s both visiting and our own blessed us by the presence and by offering the Holy Qurbana. They exhorted us in our efforts, prayed for us and blessed us for a new church.

Our Church received a moral boost when H.G. Mathews Mar Barnabas appointed Rev. Fr. K. Y. Wilson –a visiting priest from India as the Vicar. Due to his failing health, he had to leave the vicar ship and Rev. Fr. Rajesh Philip served the church for few months. On August 1st, 2009 Rev. Fr. Sunny Joseph was appointed and continues to date as the Vicar of the Church. By the Grace of our Lord, the prayers of the members and the valiant efforts of the Vicar, the dream of owning a church became a reality when we purchased the church as we know today- The St. Mary’s Orthodox Church at Linden, NJ and consecrated it on March 2011.


We seek your continued prayers, support and presence in the church as we progress toward more spiritual fulfillment and service to the community. St. Mary’s Orthodox Church of Linden, New Jersey beckons you to join us on Sundays for a blessed Christian worship and fellowship.

Please join us...